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Specialized Contour Locking Grips

Medically designed to conform to hand anatomy

Whether you're riding on your local streets or your local trails, your hands are bound to take a beating. Never fear, though, as our Contour Locking Grips are here to take the pain out of your hands and put a smile on your face. We worked closely with medical professionals over the course of their design, and the result is something close to pure bliss.

Medically designed to conform to hand anatomy. This relieves pressure-related symptoms, such as pain and numbness, which often lead to fatigue. High-density inner core for a secure bar attachment.

Flexible, ergonomically-shaped platform absorbs shock and disperses pressure.

Medium-density body for secure grip. Easily installed locking clamp with 3mm bolt head ensures secure attachment. Softest density in key contact area cushions the ulnar nerve.

Small/Medium diameter: 30mm Large/X-Large diameter: 32mm